Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sneaky Snakes

Some things about childhood remain with us.

The brain in our youth is a sponge, and unless it is forcibly rung out over the years, we can conjure obscure moments and seemingly arcane pieces of knowledge well into our time on this earth.

That noted, I do not recall  exactly where or when I heard the song, "Sneaky Snake." The now-retired American country singer Tom T. Hall (born 1936) was noted for, among other things (including his earliest successful song-writing venture, "Harper Valley PTA"), his children-oriented songs. The recording here was made in 1983, but the song predates that by nine years.

I hardly think that I learned the song in 1974, for I had not yet entered kindergarten--and I do recall with certainty singing the song with other children in a classroom. And I remember the record player. And the teacher with medium length blond hair who always wore skirts that fell below her knees. She was tall and slender, and her pale blond hair angelic.  

In any case, walking in the garden a few days ago--something I had not done for many weeks--I spied upon a snake skin wrapped up in the Golden Euonymous:  sneaky snake slithered up the branches and shed its now useless exterior.


And a bit creepy.

And if they can do that, who knows what else they can do?!  Maybe they really can steal your root beer!

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