Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impressionable Youth

I was an advertisers' wet dream when I was younger.

I absorbed everything and remembered every jingle, no matter if it was for cereal or BMWs.

These days, I neither watch TV nor pay attention to fact, Viet often blurts out some judgment or statement while we are on road trips and I look at him quizzically.

"You know, the billboard."


" Um.... you didn't see that 30 foot high sign with a blazingly hot, and nearly naked, guy advertising hair removal?" (Note to reader: there really is such a billboard on I-95 just north of downtown Philadelphia...though I think there might also be an attractive woman posing with the guy...)

"Really?!" I ask incredulously, thinking he makes these things up.

"Yeah." He's resigned to accept my inability to see the world around me.

"Damn it. How could I have missed that?!  I didn't see it."

My advertising memory remains stuck in the 1980s.

Thus when I came upon the fuchsia azalea and the flaming red legs of Rudolph Waleuphrud Euphorbia yesterday, I suddenly muttered "New Jersey and You, Perfect Together."

Former Governor Tom Kean would be proud that his desperate campaign to correct the armpit-of-New York, industrial wasteland, medical-waste-washing-up-on-shores images of New Jersey worked for at least one New Yorker.

And for the record, I sing "Canada, Come to the World Next Door" nearly every day.

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