Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adult Pleasures XIII: The Excitement of Getting Excited

Men of a certain age (sans pharmaceutical assistance) must know exactly to what the title refers.

Yes: the jocularity of self-expression!  The exuberance of that raw, naked sense of being at one with you and yours! The playfulness that comes without restraint!

Ah, yes: the jauntiness of looking down and realizing that, yes, indeed, one is excited at the splendor before you! The excitement of getting excited!

And excited I am: for tonight is the awards ceremony for the Delaware Center for Horticulture's (Wilmington) City Garden Contest!!!!

I've been so busy today that I did not think of it. But suddenly, upon finishing two time sensitive projects, my subconscious brought to the fore the Awards Ceremony.

I looked down at the splendor before me--oh my goodness, you naughty reader, not THAT!  My Garden, silly (my study is on the second floor so I can easily look down upon the shade know...all those "aerial shots" you've seen over the last year and a half?!).

Well, and now I am giddy with excitement!

I know, I know: I may not win. I may not even get an "admirable mention." (But I would lie if I did not admit I would like to win or at least be mentioned, admirably.)

But that really isn't what it's about. Seriously.

While thinking about my excitement, I've come to realize why adults like their "toys" (ahem...naughty reader), whether they come in the form of video games or cars or electronics or gardens or dolls or whatever else one can imagine. These toys are not simply objects of escape. They are simultaneously producers and symbols of pleasure.

Our toys permit us a joviality, a vivacity, a playfulness that we often have to mask in our professional, adult lives. Our varied toys permit us necessary release.

In a few hours I shall find myself in a room with others who like to play in their gardens and dig in the dirt and transplant and design and collect.  

And that is something to get excited about!

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