Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Abuzz with Activity

The summer garden is abuzz with activity:

Bees gather nectar, looking quite smashing against the Gallo Yellow Gaillardia,

buds open, in some cases a bit prematurely such as the Kirengeshoma palmata (Yellow Waxbells), not due for its display until late August and September,

or "as scheduled," as with Guacamole Hosta,

and the June Plantain hosta, which still struggles after another bout of that nasty, dreadful, feared Sclerota Rolfsii;

some flowers, though, fade, pre-programmed as it were to understand that there is a moment to shine, and there are times to let others shine,

all the while Gramsci-cat lounges in not yet scorching morning sun,

and Praying Mantises--of which I have an abundance in the front garden--eat morning meals, perched attractively atop vibrant Crocosmia,

while others wait patiently for prey.

But something else buzzes, dear reader: YOU!

My readership increased to an astonishing 576 last month, and though I have no way of knowing if that translates into 576 different readers, or 576 hits for the eight different entries, I am utterly touched, flattered, and emboldened that others would care to read my musings, and occasional dirty thought.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear readers!!

Now, if only I could conjure a little more dirty....

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