Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy as a Beaver busy that I haven't been able to finish this post...

My camera is too unsophisticated, or, more correctly, I am too unsophisticated, to take a crisp, detailed photo of Sunday evening's full Beaver moon (21 November)--the kind of photos that ones sees in magazine spreads...or on other people's blogs.

Nevertheless, there was something captivating about the moon as it rose above the tree tops, yellow in hue, an aura of haze surrounding it. It was perfectly autumnal, appropriate in color and form for Thanksgiving.

That same day, the resident front garden Praying Mantis decided to relocate to the living room screen. I wonder if it was the male escaping the female's insatiable, post-coitus appetite, or if it was the female, sated.

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